linkedinpicWelcome to my portfolio.

To put it simply, I like to write and I want to do exactly that for as long as I could. Somewhere along the road I decided I wanted to move on from writing cheesy short stories and fanfictions to stuff that actually matter. So, with that in mind, I decided to pursue a degree in Journalism, Media and Cultural Studies in Cardiff University, UK and finally graduated with a B.A. in July 2013.

I am currently based in Jakarta, after finishing a one-year Mandarin language course at Zhejiang University. (Because being bilingual is not cool enough these days, so I thought I’d add another language to my inventory.)

In this site you’ll find my CV, published writings and link to my Medium blog page. I also run a blog chronicling my travel shenanigans at eatwritetravel.co.

I have developed a strong interest in the technology industry, and truly believe that innovation is key to a country’s development and is a strong enabler for the society. You’ll frequently find myself browsing and sharing the latest news on tech startups (especially in Indonesia and Asia), digital economy, Internet of Things, and disruptive innovation. I like to have my views challenged, and enjoy a spirited debate on these topics (and others, as well). I also hope to continue to broaden my knowledge and skills on digital marketing, research and analytics.

My desire to travel and discover different cultures has led me to volunteer in international organisations CISV and AIESEC. Through CISV, I have travelled as an international summer camp delegates to USA and Egypt. Meanwhile, AIESEC has given me the opportunity to volunteer in Vietnam, in addition to running the local committee in Cardiff, United Kingdom. My involvement with these organisations have not only expanded my world-view, but also developed my teamwork, organisational, presentation and leadership skills.

Currently, I hold a position as Media Relations for Indonesia’s pioneer internet company and digital marketing agency, Bubu.com.


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